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CEREC Dentistry - Dental Crowns in One Hour

Innovations in dental technology have made restoring your smile easier than ever before. At Complete Dental Care, PC our Birmingham CEREC dentists provide advanced treatment options to efficiently care for your smile in the event that one of your teeth is damaged, broken, or decayed.

If you need a dental crown, contact Drs. Harradine today to learn more about how we make the restoration process easy, comfortable, and quick.

Same-Day Dental Restorations in Birmingham

The dentists at Complete Dental Care offer technology that is hard to find in the entire state of Alabama; only 15% of dentists in the state use the equipment we do. We are distinguished by our commitment to the most effective care available. Traditional dental crowns are finished in weeks and are made at an outside dental laboratory. With CEREC, we can design and fabricate dental crowns in a matter of hours.

CEREC utilizes 3D imaging to scan your smile and generate a digital version in specialized computer software. With these precise tools, our prosthodontist and general dentist design your crown to fit perfectly. This information is sent to the milling component of CEREC, which carves your new dental crown from a block of ceramic in an hour or less. If you come to our office with damaged teeth, you can leave in the same appointment with a permanent restoration.

No temporaries. No putty impressions. Minimal wait time -- that’s the appeal of one-visit dental crowns with CEREC.

Can I Get a CEREC Crown?

The requirements for a same-day restoration are few, but important to consider. CEREC crowns are made from full ceramic are ideal for back or side teeth. In general, patients who are teeth grinders are not qualified for ceramic crowns and therefore wouldn’t benefit from CEREC dental crowns. While ceramic is durable, patients who grind and clench their teeth place undue stress on their restorations and are more likely to crack their dental caps. Metal-based crowns often work better for heavy bite and grinders. While lab-created crowns take longer, they are also hand-crafted to mimic the nuances of natural teeth, making them ideal for clearly visible teeth

Drs. Rob and Kim Harradine always thoroughly evaluate your smile before recommending a CEREC or lab crown. We want to ensure that your smile looks great, and that your restoration lasts as long as possible.

Dental Emergency? Have your Smile Restored in just One Day

CEREC is particularly beneficial in the event of an urgent dental problem. If you’ve chipped or broken a tooth, or if your old crown has loosened and fallen out, our Birmingham CEREC dentist can repair your smile in only one appointment.

Contact our dental office for immediate treatment and same-day dental care in the event of an emergency.

Do you need a dental crown? Ask our dentists how we can help with CEREC one-visit dental crowns in Birmingham, AL.